Customer Comments

I love hearing what you think.  Here are some comments from a few of my customers:

"Attached is a picture of the painting in its frame and it hangs in pride of place in our house.  When Joanne opened it Christmas morning she cried, and she never cries, that is how much she liked it.  I really love the painting, you have captured her character!"

"Wonderful, I absolutely love it."

"It's like having Logi in our living room and makes us do a double take when we walk past it.  We can't get over his eye, it is just brilliant.  I can't believe how you have managed to make it so like him without meeting him, true professionalism."

"Wonderful painting, you have done a fantastic job.  I absolutely love it!"
"Just to say how thrilled I was to receive the painting of Sam as a birthday present from the family.  To say I am over the moon with the painting is an understatement.  You have managed to capture the spirit of our Sam perfectly!"
"Thank you so much, it looks so much like my Baron.  When we opened the painting on Christmas morning, we were both in tears."

"Thanks for the painting - I'm sitting here almost in tears. It's just beautiful and there's absolutely no doubt that it's my boy.  I don't know what to say - I'm speechless really."