Tips on Taking the Perfect Photograph

  1. Relax, be patient and take lots!  The right photograph will suddenly "just happen" - trust me!

  2. Right time, right place.  Choose the right setting, preferably with a simple background.  Good natural light is best. If indoors, take the photograph near a window, or send some photos taken outside as well - so that the correct colour is clear.

  3. Get help!  Ask someone to hold your pet for you.

  4. Use noise/treats to get your pet's attention.  Squeaky toys and food always work brilliantly!

  5. The closer the better.  Fill the frame with your pet.

  6. Don't cut anything off!  Make sure the photo shows the whole face (including nose and ears) for a head portrait and that all limbs are present and correct (for full body).

  7. Positioning.  Stand back slightly and zoom in to prevent blurring.

Remember that the painting will only be as good as the photograph - so taking the time to get the right shot is worth it.

Please e-mail [email protected] or call 07947 832581 for a friendly discussion if you would like some advice.  Action shots taken by professionals are also a good idea - i.e. those taken at sponsored rides/shows, etc.

I am happy to come out to take photographs (for a fee of £50 plus travel).  If you are within 15 miles, no travel charges will apply.